Coaching is a way to guide people towards what they want in their lives, to set goals and to understand how to keep themselves motivated. Of all of the aspects of emotional intelligence that are required to succeed in life, motivation is part of the value of having a coach.

Lots of people have ideas that they want to bring into existence but many people think about goals for years and years without ever making them happen. If someone wants to get to a management level in their work, to improve a relationship, to write a book or start a blog, a coach can be there to support the dream, to help them with the steps towards these goals.

Above all, a coach holds their clients accountable. A coach does this by helping them to get clearer and clearer on what it is they wants to achieve. It seems that while you hold ideas only in your head, details of any plan to get you where you want to go, remain vague, and because of that vagueness, the goals remain unattainable.

Coaches not only work with you, they are there as a major support. When you’re feeling stuck, when your doubts get the best of you and when your motivation is low a coach can help you to get past those roadblocks and get to the next level. All successful athletes have coaches to do much the same thing.